Science Rumors

Tim Howe

Table of Contents

1 architecture

1.1 persistence

1.1.1 CLSQL

1.2 Web server

1.2.1 Apache

1.2.2 Pinot

1.3 interface

1.3.1 Web

1.3.2 RPC?

2 schema

2.1 DONE topic

CLOSED: 2010-12-22 Wed 23:46
These are specific scientific topics such as "genetics" or "geology". Probably going to use a tagging mechanism rather than "must-pick-one" topic labeling; but I want a more formalized ontology than random words users pick.

2.2 DONE claim

CLOSED: 2010-12-22 Wed 23:46
This is a specific scientific claim made. Defining these will allow us to easily determine and state whether a claim was introduced or expanded by a misinformed reporter or whatever. These will probably have to be free-form but will have specified metadata attached.

2.2.1 novelty

Is this a new claim, or does it confirm or contradict previous research?

2.2.2 confidence

Is this claim merely a hypothesis or is it a theory backed by data?

2.3 STARTED article

A document with information about author, publication, etc.

2.4 assertion

Who says what?

3 Web app

3.1 DONE topic list

CLOSED: 2010-12-22 Wed 23:44

3.2 STARTED article entry [4/5]

  • [X] basic creation
  • [X] initial polish
  • [X] attach claims
    • [X] view claims
    • [X] adding topics
    • [X] fully edit claims
    • [X] create new claims
  • [X] edit article
  • [X] attach notes?

4 status and progress

4.1 development bootstrapping

4.1.1 DONE init repo

CLOSED: 2010-12-21 Tue 17:15

4.1.2 DONE create database

CLOSED: 2010-12-21 Tue 17:49

4.1.3 CLOSED skeleton Web app

CLOSED: 2010-12-21 Tue 19:00 DONE init basic app

CLOSED: 2010-12-21 Tue 19:00 DONE about page

CLOSED: 2010-12-21 Tue 19:00

4.1.4 STARTED start schema definition

4.1.5 STARTED start web app

4.1.6 start test scripts

4.1.7 set up categories

4.1.8 look into upgrade mechanisms SQL upgrade scripts? CLSQL class redefinition?

4.2 hosting bootstrapping

4.2.1 hosted source repo

4.2.2 database test database production database

4.2.3 boot web app testing production

4.2.4 mailing lists

Date: 2010-12-27 00:30:01 EST